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Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade - office Visit us at our office in Business center Enjub in block 45 in New Belgrade, address 231 Jurija Gagarina Street, office number 327. Schedule your appointment on one of our phone numbers: +381 11 3183 541, +381 11 2282 541 or +381 63 205 298.


Ab Lux Agency employs 11 persons. The Agency is managed by a Bachelor of Economics in the professional capacity of a certified accountant – auditor, and the rest of the staff is specialized in individual expert areas.


Two employees have the certificate of independent accountants and perform highly-specialized tasks in the bookkeeping process.


Four employees are accountants performing accounting tasks.


Courier services are provided by an employee trained for the said tasks.


Ab Lux Bookkeeping Agency pays special attention to notifying clients on all current changes in legal regulations, as well as providing advice in all areas of accounting, especially in the area of financial management of a company policy.

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