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Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade - office Visit us at our office in Business center Enjub in block 45 in New Belgrade, address 231 Jurija Gagarina Street, office number 327. Schedule your appointment on one of our phone numbers: +381 11 3183 541, +381 11 2282 541 or +381 63 205 298.

Price of Bookkeeping Services

When defining the price of bookkeeping services, we inspect the needs of our clients having in mind, first of all, the scope of tasks defined as our contractual obligations, which can be specified individually and quantified.


When understanding and assessing our obligations, we precisely consider the scope and structure of obligations adjusted to the data of each individual client and, after that, we define the price of the service.


When beginning our activities, we are aware that the client does not have objective and precise data or plans about the expected scope of work and often the scope and structure of our tasks depend on the speed of delivery of certain suppliers, import, export, etc. in which case the definition of the objective price becomes quite difficult. In such cases, we negotiate the price for a short period of time, e.g. the price is lower for the first month, a slightly higher or lower price for the second month depending on the estimated dynamics, and the final price would be defined only for the third and all upcoming months. This price methodology is determined and included in the agreement, therefore, having in mind the short period of price planning, the said price mostly becomes objective and we rarely receive any requirements for price alterations.


The agreement also includes the possibility to change all elements of the said agreement, including the contracted price, of course, with a mutual consent of both contractual parties. Both contractual parties are also left the possibility to terminate their business relation in a fair and proper business-like manner.

If you need an offer for the provision of bookkeeping services, please, visit us in the Enjub Shopping Mall, Block 45, Room 327, call us at 011/2282-541; 011/ 3183-541; 063/ 205-298, or complete the Offer Inquiry.


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