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Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade - office Visit us at our office in Business center Enjub in block 45 in New Belgrade, address 231 Jurija Gagarina Street, office number 327. Schedule your appointment on one of our phone numbers: +381 11 3183 541, +381 11 2282 541 or +381 63 205 298.

Company registration Belgrade, Serbia

Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade is providing company registration and all other services in Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA - in Serbian it is called APR or Agencija za privredne registre) as addition to standard accounting services at the best prices in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

We have 20 years experience in accounting and registration of companies, representative offices and associations. We can assist you in choosing the best kind of company from the point of paying taxes.


List of our services in SBRA

  1. Establishing a company
  2. Establishing entrepreneurs
  3. Establishing of Association
  4. Registration of companies in the Tax Administration
  5. Liquidation and deletion of the enterprise from SBRA
  6. Changes in SBRA
  7. Status changes

In case that you need address for the company headquarters in Belgrade and mail forwarding, see our offer on page Virtual Office.