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Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade - office Visit us at our office in Business center Enjub in block 45 in New Belgrade, address 231 Jurija Gagarina Street, office number 327. Schedule your appointment on one of our phone numbers: +381 11 3183 541, +381 11 2282 541 or +381 63 205 298.


Ab Lux Agency provides bookkeeping services to companies and entrepreneurs in accordance with the applicable regulations governing the issues in the Republic of Serbia.


All tasks, recordings, as well as the preparation of all required calculations and forms, are done on computers and using modern bookkeeping software.


Ab Lux Agency enters into a bookkeeping agreement with each client, which agreement defines in detail all contractual obligations. The agreement also allows for the alterations of all elements of the said agreement with a consent of both contractual parties. Both contractual parties also have the possibility to terminate their business relation in a fair and proper business-like manner.


Contractual obligations of Ab Lux Bookkeeping Agency include::

  •      Preparation of documents necessary for the company registration with the Tax Administration at the beginning of one’s business activities
  •      informing clients on current changes in legal regulations
  •      controls prior to recording bookkeeping documents
  •      keeping the Main Ledger in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Serbia
  •     preparing all accounting statements
  •      keeping the book of incoming and the book of outgoing invoices
  •      the calculation of the VAT and the preparation of the required tax reports
  •      the preparation of wholesale, retail, import and export calculations
  •      keeping the book of goods and services turnover
  •     calculating the production for production companies
  •     calculating interests of all kinds
  •      recording assets and depreciation calculations
  •      keeping RSD and ForEx tills
  •     calculating business trips in the country and abroad
  •     we prepare the necessary statements and loan documents
  •     calculation of salaries with the pertaining tax reports and payment orders
  •     preparation of M-4 reports with a view to registering employee business experience
  •     calculation of service agreements, copyright agreements, lease agreements, etc. with all tax reports and payment orders
  •     preparation of all forms on the employment and dismissal of employees
  •     preparation of business operation reports and the preparation of the final statement
  •     preparation of the final statement in English and German if necessary
  •     the analysis of business operation and the preparation of statements and calculations of results at client’s requests
  •     organization of the storage of business ledgers and bookkeeping documents
  •     giving advice from all financial areas, especially regarding the observance of financial policies

Apart from that, our clients are offered a possibility to use the services of our courier department (completely or partly). Complete use of the services of our courier department means that we, on behalf of our client, take over documents at the client’s address, go to the bank and other institutions, register and unregister employees, take all tax reports and final statements to the competent state institutions.

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