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Accounting agency Ab lux Belgrade - office Visit us at our office in Business center Enjub in block 45 in New Belgrade, address 231 Jurija Gagarina Street, office number 327. Schedule your appointment on one of our phone numbers: +381 11 3183 541, +381 11 2282 541 or +381 63 205 298.

Welcome to the Ab Lux Bookkeeping Agency Web Site!

Ab Lux Bookkeeping Agency was established in 1992 with one and only principal activity: providing bookkeeping services to companies and entrepreneurs.

The registered office of the bookkeeping agency is in New Belgrade, in the Enjub Shopping Mall, Block 45, 231 Jurija Gagarina Str, Room 327.

Apart from the General Manager, who is a certified accountant and a Bachelor of Economics, the Agency also employs 9 other accountants and one courier. Bookkeeping services are provided in three offices through a computer network of ten units and using specialised software solutions.

We can offer complete communication in English to our foreign clients. We can prepare all statutory statements, as well as all accounting reports in English. .

The Agency owns accounting programs for financial transactions, merchandise and material transactions, salaries, cash till, assets, payment orders, interest calculation programs, as well as a large number of specialized programs for the preparation of statutory forms and tax reports.

Programs and the business operation of the bookkeeping agency are adjusted to different scopes and types of business operation of each individual legal entity.

Agencija Аb Lux agency is a part of the VAT system, therefore, the VAT you pay on our services can be used for the reduction of your VAT liabilities.

If you are not a part of the VAT system, you must be wondering whether the price of bookkeeping services might legally be lower for the amount of the VAT since, due to the fact that your bookkeeping agency is not a part of the VAT system, you, as a company which is not a part of the Vat system, ay not use the said VAT amount for reduction of your VAT liabilities.

In order to help our clients, Ab Lux Bookkeeping Agency ensured the provision of bookkeeping services by Abc Lux Ltd, which is not a part of the VAT system, to clients which are not within the said system, either. Abc Lux Ltd. is located at the same address as Ab Lux. Therefore, we have legally achieved the goal to enable our clients which are not a part of the VAT system to avoid unnecessary payment of the VAT, and all in accordance with the VAT regulations.

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